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        Automatic rewinding and perforating paper machine


        1.Using PLC programmable control system

        2.The man-machine dialogue control, display the production parametrs on screem  

        3.Jumbo roll paper is pneumatically loaded on machine, unwinding roll tensioncontrol device.

        4.The rewinding process of the product is tight first and loose afterward, with itstension adjustable.

        5.Punch length is adjustable.

        6.Paper core replacement, glue spraying and paper cutting undergo automaticallyaccording to given sequence.

        7.Embossing pattern is to be selected by clients.

        8.The bearings,,electrical components and  synchronous belts  are using famous brand

        9.According to the requirements of customers can do double embossing roll,and can assorted with rubber composite device to product the kitchen paper as also 1-3color printing equipment.

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